Web Design Specialist

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webdes2009: Web Design Specialist

Course Description:
In today’s highly specialized job market, it is not enough to know how to design a website. The Web Design Specialist program teaches the student the fundamentals of web design along with graphic design, corporate branding techniques and web development technologies as well.

This course maps to the following certification tracks:

Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Acrobat 10
Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Flash CS6


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Outline:

HTML 4.01: Web Authoring – Level 1

Lesson 1: Creating a Web Page

  • Topic 1A: Create a Global Structure
  • Topic 1B: Add a Page Title
  • Topic 1C: Modify the Page Background
  • Topic 1D: Create Paragraphs
  • Topic 1E: Embed Images

Lesson 2: Structuring Content

  • Topic 2A: Create Headings
  • Topic 2B: Create Lists
  • Topic 2C: Notate Code
  • Topic 2D: Insert Horizontal Rules
  • Topic 2E: Control Line Breaks
  • Topic 2F: Group Elements

Lesson 3: Linking Web Pages

  • Topic 3A: Create Local Links
  • Topic 3B: Create Remote Links
  • Topic 3C: Create Image Links

Lesson 4: Formatting Text

  • Topic 4A: Apply Bold and Italics
  • Topic 4B: Modify Font Styles
  • Topic 4C: Create an Embedded Style Sheet
  • Topic 4D: Insert HTML Entities

Lesson 5: Creating Tables

  • Topic 5A: Create the Table Body
  • Topic 5B: Create Table Headers
  • Topic 5C: Modify the Table Structure
  • Topic 5D: Align Table Content
  • Topic 5E: Modify Table Background Colors

HTML 4.01: Web Authoring – Level 2

Lesson 1: Creating a Page Layout Using Tables

  • Topic 1A: Create a Layout Table
  • Topic 1B: Embed Images in Tables
  • Topic 1C: Modify Table Spacing
  • Topic 1D: Create an Image Quilt
  • Topic 1E: Nest Tables

Lesson 2: Creating Links

  • Topic 2A: Create Email Links
  • Topic 2B: Specify a Default File Path
  • Topic 2C: Create Bookmark Links
  • Topic 2D: Create Image Maps

Lesson 3: Separating Structure and Presentation

  • Topic 3A: Apply Logical Markup
  • Topic 3B: Use Class Selectors to Apply Styles
  • Topic 3C: Share Styles Across Documents with External Style Sheets
  • Topic 3D: Format Elements with Inline Styles
  • Topic 3E: Account for Cascade and Inheritance When Setting Styles

Lesson 4: Creating Forms

  • Topic 4A: Create a Basic Form
  • Topic 4B: Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
  • Topic 4C: Create Text Areas
  • Topic 4D: Create Select Lists
  • Topic 4E: Create Graphical Buttons

Lesson 5: Adding Dynamic Content

  • Topic 5A: Automatically Refresh Pages
  • Topic 5B: Create an Image Rollover
  • Topic 5C: Embed a Flash Movie
  • Topic 5D: Embed a QuickTime Movie
  • Topic 5E: Embed a Java Applet

Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Level 1

Lesson 1: Exploring the Adobe Photoshop CS4 Environment

  • Topic 1A: Explore the Photoshop Interface
  • Topic 1B: Explore the Navigation Tools
  • Topic 1C: Customize the Workspace
  • Topic 1D: Explore Adobe Bridge
  • Topic 1E: Use Photoshop Help

Lesson 2: Determining Resolution and Graphic Type

  • Topic 2A: Differentiate Between Raster and Vector Graphics
  • Topic 2B: Understand Image Resolution

Lesson 3: Working with Selections

  • Topic 3A: Create a Selection
  • Topic 3B: Save a Selection
  • Topic 3C: Modify a Selection
  • Topic 3D: Apply Color to a Selection

Lesson 4: Working with Layers

  • Topic 4A: Create Layers
  • Topic 4B: Work with Type Layers
  • Topic 4C: Transform Layers
  • Topic 4D: Apply Layer Styles
  • Topic 4E: Manage Layers

Lesson 5: Enhancing Images with Paint and Filters

  • Topic 5A: Paint on an Image
  • Topic 5B: Apply Filter Effects

Lesson 6: Exploring Image Modes and Color Adjustments

  • Topic 6A: Explore Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
  • Topic 6B: Explore Color Modes
  • Topic 6C: Apply Color Adjustments

Lesson 7: Saving Images for Web and Print

  • Topic 7A: Save Images for Print
  • Topic 7B: Save Images for the Web
  • Topic 7C: Save Images as PDF

Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Level 2

Lesson 1: Enhancing Images

  • Topic 1A: Retouch Images
  • Topic 1B: Adjust Tonal Range Using Adjustment Layers

Lesson 2: Working with Vector Paths

  • Topic 2A: Create Vector Paths
  • Topic 2B: Edit Paths

Lesson 3: Applying Custom Fills

  • Topic 3A: Create Swatches and Gradients
  • Topic 3B: Create Custom Patterns and Brushes

Lesson 4: Working with Layers

  • Topic 4A: Blend Layers
  • Topic 4B: Work with Shape Layers
  • Topic 4C: Work with Masks
  • Topic 4D: Apply Special Effects to a Layer

Lesson 5: Automating Tasks

  • Topic 5A: Work with Actions
  • Topic 5B: Automate Tasks in Adobe Bridge

Lesson 6: Working with Video Files

  • Topic 6A: Edit Video Files
  • Topic 6B: Export Video Files

Lesson 7: Integrating with Other Adobe Applications

  • Topic 7A: Integrate with Adobe Illustrator
  • Topic 7B: Edit a Photoshop File with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Illustrator CS4 – Level 1

Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with Adobe Illustrator CS4

  • Topic 1A: Explore the Interface
  • Topic 1B: Explore the Navigation Tools
  • Topic 1C: Customize the Interface
  • Topic 1D: Use Illustrator Help
  • Topic 1E: Differentiate Between Raster and Vector Graphics
  • Topic 1F: Explore the Adobe Bridge Workspace

Lesson 2: Creating Shapes in a Document

  • Topic 2A: Create a Document
  • Topic 2B: Draw Basic Shapes
  • Topic 2C: Save a Document

Lesson 3: Creating Custom Paths

  • Topic 3A: Draw Paths
  • Topic 3B: Modify Paths

Lesson 4: Working with Text

  • Topic 4A: Insert Text
  • Topic 4B: Flow Text on a Path
  • Topic 4C: Import Body Text
  • Topic 4D: Format Text with Styles
  • Topic 4E: Thread Text
  • Topic 4F: Apply Hyphenation
  • Topic 4G: Insert Typographic Characters

Lesson 5: Enhancing Documents

  • Topic 5A: Format Objects
  • Topic 5B: Apply Gradients

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