Microsoft Office Outlook 2007: New Features

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007: New Features

Course number: 084626; One day; Instructor-led

Software: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Course Description

After having worked with Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2003, you must also get to know the features present in the latest release of the application. Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007 comes with new features for improving the management, organization, and distribution of your Outlook items. In this course, you will work with the new and enhanced features in Outlook 2007.
Course Objective: You will work with the new features of Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007

Target Student: The course is designed for experienced Outlook users who need to learn about the new features 2007 has to offer versus the 2003 version.

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2003.

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Hardware Requirements

Active Directory Domain Controller and Exchange Server 2007
For this course, you will need one computer to run Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and Exchange Server 2007, with the following system requirements:

  • An x64 architecture-based computer with an Intel processor that supports Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T), or an x64 architecture-based computer with an AMD 64-bit processor that supports the AMD64 platform.
  • A minimum of 2gigabytes (GB) RAM is required. 2GB RAM per server plus 5 megabytes (MB) RAM per mailbox is recommended.
  • 20 GB hard disk.
  • DVD-ROM drive, local or network accessible.
  • 1024 x 768 resolution video card and monitor.
  • Keyboard and a mouse or other input device.

System Requirements
For this course, you will need one computer for each student and one for the instructor. Each computer will need the following minimum hardware components:

  • 500 MHz processor or higher.
  • 512 MB of RAM.
  • 20 GB hard disk.
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • Mouse or other pointing device.
  • 1024 x 768 resolution video card and monitor.
  • Network cards and cabling for local network access.
  • Internet access (see your local network administrator).
  • Printer (optional).
  • Projection system to display the instructor's computer screen.

Platform Requirements

  • This course was developed using Microsoft® Windows® XP with SP2.

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft® Office Professional Edition 2007
  • Microsoft® Windows SharePoint® Services 3.0
  • Adobe® Reader® 8.0.
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 x64 or Windows® Server 2003 R2 x64 Standard or Enterprise
  • Microsoft® .NET™ Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft® Management Console (MMC) 3.0
  • Microsoft® Windows PowerShell™
  • Microsoft® Active Directory®
  • Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) SP1
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explore the Outlook environment.
  • manage daily tasks in Outlook 2007.
  • share information with other users.
  • protect information.
  • integrate Outlook with other applications.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Exploring the Outlook Environment
Topic 1A: Explore the User Interface
Topic 1B: Work with the Ribbon
Topic 1C: Work with Contextual Tools
Topic 1D: Customize the Calendar Views

Lesson 2: Managing Your Daily Tasks in Outlook 2007
Topic 2A: Work with Mail Messages
Topic 2B: Manage Tasks in the Calendar
Topic 2C: Locate Information Quickly
Topic 2D: Schedule a Meeting

Lesson 3: Sharing Information with Other Users
Topic 3A: Share Your Calendar Information
Topic 3B: Notify Others That You Will be Out Of Office
Topic 3C: Share Information Using Electronic Business Card

Lesson 4: Protecting Your Information
Topic 4A: Manage Junk Email
Topic 4B: Authorize Users to Access Your Information
Topic 4C: Recover Your Work

Lesson 5: Integrating Outlook with Other Applications
Topic 5A: Integrate Outlook with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
Topic 5B: Integrate Outlook with Windows SharePoint Services
Topic 5C: Add RSS Feeds Through Outlook 2007
Topic 5D: Publish the File in PDF or XPS File Format

outlook 2007 new features

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