Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016

Code: 55166
Course duration: 1 days

55166 - Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016(1 Day)

About this course

This Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016 training class is meant for students who want to advance their skill set by learning to work with advanced formulas, lists, and illustrations. Students will also work with charts and advanced formatting including styles.

Audience profile

This course is intended for students who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Excel 2016 or more experienced Excel users who want to learn the topics covered in this course in the 2016 interface.

At course completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Learn to use formulas and functions.
  • Create and modify charts.
  • Convert, sort, filter, and manage lists.
  • Insert and modify illustrations in a worksheet.
  • Learn to work with tables.
  • Learn to use conditional formatting and styles.

Class Outline

1. Advanced Formulas

A. Using Named Ranges in Formulas

  • Naming a Single Cell
  • Naming a Range of Cells
  • Naming Multiple Single Cells Quickly

B. Exercise: Using Named Ranges in Formulas

C. Using Formulas That Span Multiple Worksheets

D. Exercise: Entering a Formula Using Data in Multiple Worksheets

E. Using the IF Function

  • Using AND/OR Functions
  • Using the SUMIF, AVERAGEIF, and COUNTIF Functions

F. Exercise: Using the IF Function

G. Using the PMT Function

H. Exercise: Using the PMT Function

I. Using the LOOKUP Function

J. Using the VLOOKUP Function

K. Exercise: Using the VLOOKUP Function

L. Using the HLOOKUP Function

M. Using the CONCATENATE Function

N. Exercise: Using the CONCATENATE Function

O. Using the TRANSPOSE Function

P. Using the PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER Functions

  • The UPPER Function
  • The LOWER function
  • The TRIM Function

Q. Exercise: Using the PROPER Function

R. Using the LEFT, RIGHT, and MID Functions

  • The MID Function

S. Exercise: Using the LEFT and RIGHT Functions

T. Using Date Functions

  • Using the NOW and TODAY Functions

U. Exercise: Using the YEAR, MONTH, and DAY Functions

V. Creating Scenarios

  • Utilize the Watch Window
  • Consolidate Data
  • Enable Iterative Calculations
  • What-If Analyses
  • Use the Scenario Manager
  • Use Financial Functions

2. Working with Lists

A. Converting a List to a Table

B. Exercise: Converting a List to a Table

C. Removing Duplicates from a List

D. Exercise: Removing Duplicates from a List

E. Sorting Data in a List

F. Exercise: Sorting Data in a List

G. Filtering Data in a List

H. Exercise: Filtering Data in a List

I. Adding Subtotals to a List

  • Grouping and Ungrouping Data in a List

J. Exercise: Adding Subtotals to a List

3. Working with Illustrations

A. Working with Clip Art

B. Exercise: Working with Clip Art

C. Using Shapes

D. Exercise: Adding Shapes

E. Working with SmartArt

4. Visualizing Your Data

A. Creating a Custom Chart Template

B. Inserting Charts

C. Exercise: Inserting Charts

D. Exercise: Editing Charts

E. Add and Format Objects

F. Insert a Text Box

G. Create a Custom Chart Template

5. Working with Tables

A. Format Data as a Table

B. Move between Tables and Ranges

C. Modify Tables

  • Add and Remove Cells within a Table

D. Define Titles

  • Band Rows and Columns
  • Remove Styles from Tables

E. Exercise: Creating and Modifying a Table in Excel

6. Advanced Formatting

A. Applying Conditional Formatting

B. Exercise: Using Conditional Formatting

C. Working with Styles

  • Applying Styles to Tables
  • Applying Styles to Cells

D. Exercise: Working with Styles

E. Creating and Modifying Templates

  • Modify a Custom Template

7. Microsoft Excel Features that Were New in 2013

A. New Functions in Excel 2013

B. Exercise: Using the New Excel Functions

C. Using New Chart Tools

D. Exercise: Using the New Excel 2013 Chart Tools

E. Using the Quick Analysis Tool

F. Exercise: Using the Quick Analysis Tool

G. Using the Chart Recommendation Feature

8. Features New in 2016

A. New Charts

  • Treemap
  • Sunburst
  • Histogram
  • Waterfall
  • Box and Whisker
  • Pareto

Guaranteed to Run

2018-05-02 09:00 to 2018-05-04 17:00
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Virtual Instructor-Led)
09:00 to 17:00
Attend Online
2018-04-03 05:00 to 2018-04-05 13:00
Attend Online

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