Adobe Flash Lite 1.1 : Mobile Application Development

Code: MM20175
Course duration: 3 days

Flash Lite 1.1 : Mobile Application Development (3 days)

Course number: MM20175 ; Three days; Instructor-Led


Flash Lite 1.1: Mobile Application Development provides students the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to produce and deliver high-quality animations, interfaces, games and applications specifically designed to take advantage of mobile device capabilities. The course allows a developer with no Flash experience to quickly start improving their mobile workflow using Flash Lite, and to develop applications much faster than with other technologies. The course is task based, with students learning by actually building these applications. The course focuses on mobile best practices and students will learn how to build applications that run efficiently on lower powered mobile devices.


To be fully prepared to understand all the learning points in this course you
must come in with the following knowledge:

  • Knowledge of mobile terminology.
  • Knowledge of a scripting language.

You are not required to have any knowledge of authoring Flash applications.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing the Course

  • Understanding the Course Objectives
  • Understanding the Course Prerequisites
  • Understanding the Mobile Landscape
  • Understanding Mobile Terminology
  • Collaborating Mobile Content

Unit 2: Getting Started

  • Introducing Flash Lite 1.1
  • Installing the Flash Lite 1.1 Player
  • Working with the Flash Interface
  • Using the Mobile Templates
  • Publishing Mobile Documents
  • Using the Mobile Emulator
  • Using FSCommand()
  • Comparing Mobile Specific Issues with the Desktop Flash Player

Unit 3: Optimizing Image and Graphical Objects

  • Organizing Mobile Applications
  • Working with Images
  • Creating Vector Images
  • Understanding Movie Clips
  • Creating Mask Effects

Unit 4:Working with Text Assets

  • Working with Text Assets
  • Understanding Font Issues
  • Optimizing Text for Mobile Devices
  • Attaching ActionScript to Objects
  • Using Variables

Unit 5:Creating Animations

  • Creating Animations
  • Creating Motion Tweens
  • Controlling the Timeline
  • Creating Frame-by-Frame Animations
  • Balancing Quality and Performance
  • Animation Best Practices

Unit 6: Working with Buttons and Movie Clips

  • Understanding Buttons
  • Using Movie Clip Timelines
  • Using Movie Clips to Build Different States
  • Understanding Loading of Movie Clip Content
  • Using ActionScript with Movie Clips
  • Targeting Movie Clips

Unit 7: Accessing Phone Functionality from Flash Lite

  • Interacting with Users
  • Remapping Soft Keys

Unit 8:Adding Interactive Animation

  • Using ActionScript for Animation
  • Using the Timeline for Looping
  • Creating Movie Clips Dynamically
  • Cleaning Up Animations
  • Detecting Movie Clip Collisions
  • Using getTimer()

Unit 9:Incorporating Sounds in Mobile Applications

  • Incorporating Sound
  • Adding Sound to a Flash Lite Document
  • Controlling Sound on the Timeline
  • Testing for Sound Capabilities

Unit 10: Using Dynamic Data

  • Using Dynamic Data in Mobile Devices
  • Accessing the Server in Flash Lite 1.1
  • Sending Data from Flash Lite
  • Integrating Non-English Characters

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Greenwich, Connecticut (Virtual Instructor-Led)

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