Microsoft Project 2007 - Module 1

Code: 50390
Course duration: 2 days

50390: Microsoft Project 2007 - Module 1 (2 Days)

About this Course

In this course you will learn how to use Microsoft Project 2007 to create a wide range of projects.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for people who wish to learn how to use Microsoft Project 2007 to effectively manage projects. This course is designed for participants with little or no knowledge of Microsoft Project. A general understanding of the Windows environment and of one or more Microsoft Office products is desirable.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Start Microsoft Project and work with it's key screen features.
  • Create a new project file.
  • Understand key project management concepts.
  • Enter and work with tasks in a project.
  • Enter and work with durations for tasks.
  • Enter and work with task relationships.
  • Create and work with resource pools.
  • Understand resource assignment concepts.
  • Assign resources to tasks.
  • Level overallocated resources in a project.
  • Assign materials to tasks.
  • Enter a wide range of costs into a project.
  • Set constraints and deadlines in a project.
  • Monitor and track a project.
  • Print information from a project.

Course Outline

Module 1: Microsoft Project Basics

This module covers the basics of Project.


  • Overview Of Microsoft Project
  • Starting Microsoft Project
  • The Microsoft Project Screen
  • Workingwith Views
  • Workingwith Combination Views
  • Workingwith Tables
  • Workingwiththe Gantt Chart View
  • Understanding Microsoft Project Menus
  • Understanding Toolbars
  • Workingwith Existing Project Files
  • Exiting From Microsoft Project

Module 2: Creating a New Project

This module looks at the steps in creating a new project.


  • New Project Overview
  • Understanding Your Project
  • Creatinga New Project
  • Savinga New Project File
  • Changing Time Unit Options
  • Pitfallsin Changing Options
  • Understanding Working Timein Project
  • Understanding Calendarsin Project
  • Modifyingthe Standard Calendar
  • Specifying Holidays
  • Creatinga New Calendar
  • Specifying Project Summary Information
  • Specifying Project File Properties

Module 3: Project Management

This module looks at what is a Project and MS Project’s role in Project Management.


  • What Isa Project?
  • Tasksand Resources
  • The Importance Of Planning
  • Stepsin Project Management
  • Project Management Tools
  • Usinga Computer
  • The Advantages Of Microsoft Project
  • The Disadvantages Of Microsoft

Module 4: Creating Tasks

This module provides an overview of task creation.


  • Overview Of Creating Tasks
  • Reviewinga Project
  • Entering Tasks
  • Creating Summary Tasks
  • Moving Abouta Sheet
  • Workingwith Summary Tasks

Module 5: Task Durations

This module looks at the duration of tasks.


  • Task Duration Overview
  • Entering Task Durations
  • Displaying Critical Tasks
  • Checking Project Status
  • Understanding Project Slack
  • Entering Milestones

Module 6: Creating Relationships

This module deals with the steps in creating relationships.


  • Catching Upwiththe Case Study
  • Overview Of Creating Relationships
  • Linking Tasks
  • Creating Relationships Using Task Entry
  • Using Task Informationfor Relationships
  • Creating Relationshipsina Sheet View
  • Staying On Schedule Using Relationships
  • Entering Lag Time
  • Entering Lead Time

Module 7: Resourcing a Project

This module explains how to resource a project.


  • Overview Of Resourcing
  • Creatinga Resource Pool
  • Entering Materials
  • Assigning Calendarsto Resources
  • Adjusting Resource Information
  • Changingthe Unit Display

Module 8: Assignment Concepts

This module explains the concepts of assignment.


  • Understanding Resource Assignment
  • Project's Calculation Methodologies
  • Understanding Effort
  • Creating Simple Assignments
  • Understanding Task Types
  • Workingwith Fixed Unit Assignments
  • Workingwith Fixed Duration Assignments
  • Workingwith Fixed Work Assignments
  • Workingwiththe Driver Resource
  • Understanding Effort Driven Resourcing
  • Disabling Effort Driven Resourcing

Module 9: Assigning a Resource

This module explains how to assign a resource.


  • Overview Of Assigning Resources
  • Assigning Resources Using Task Entry View
  • Assigning Part Time Resources
  • Contouring Resource Usage
  • Assigning Specific Work Times
  • Problem Assignments
  • Assigning Resources Through Task Information
  • Assigning Resources Througha Sheet
  • Assigning Resources That You Don't Have

Module 10: Resource Leveling

This module explains how to work perform resource leveling tasks.


  • Creating Resource Chaos
  • Resource Leveling Overview
  • Tracking Down Overallocations
  • Fix 1: Changing Work Effort
  • Fix 2: Assigning Overtime
  • Fix 3: Hiring Contract Labor
  • Fix 4: Switching Work Assignments
  • Fix 5: Rescheduling Tasks

Module 11: Assigning Materials

This module explains how to assign materials.


  • Overview Of Assigning Materials
  • Assigning Fixed Material Consumption
  • Contouring Materials Usage
  • Adding More Material Resources
  • Assigning Variable Usage Materials
  • Addingtoa Material Assignment
  • Checking Material Quantities

Module 12: Costs

This module provides an overview of working with costs.


  • Costing Overview
  • Reviewingthe Current Cost Status
  • Variable Resource Costs
  • Assigning Daily Costsfor Equipment Hire
  • Assigning Fixed Coststoa Resource
  • Assigning Fixed Coststoa Task
  • Assigning Material Costs
  • Using Multiple Cost Tables
  • Changing Resources Rates Duringa Project
  • Viewing Project Costs

Module 13: Constraints & Deadlines

This module examines working with constraints and deadlines.


  • Overview Of Constraints and Deadlines
  • Reviewing Our Project
  • Addinga Constraint
  • Using Elapsed Timeto Resolve Conflicts
  • Creatinga Deadline

Module 14: Project Monitoring

This module explains how to monitor a project.


  • Overview Of Project Monitoring
  • Creatinga Baseline
  • Getting Microsoft Projectto Update Progress
  • Manually Updating Task Progress
  • Entering Delayed Tasks
  • Tracking Actualsona Gantt Chart
  • Usingthe Tracking Box
  • Viewing Task Slippage
  • Project Monitoring Quick Reference

Module 15: Printing

This module explains how to print in MS Project.


  • Overview Of Printing
  • Printinga Gantt Chart
  • Printing Sheet Views
  • Printing Jobs Lists
  • Printing Resources Lists
  • Printing Quick Reference

This course is designed for participants with little or no knowledge of Microsoft Project. A general understanding of the Windows environment and of one or more Microsoft Office products is desirable.

Guaranteed to Run

2018-03-20 09:00 to 2018-03-23 17:00
Palm Beach County Florida (Instructor-Led)
2018-03-19 09:00 to 2018-03-23 17:00
Secaucus, New Jersey (Virtual Instructor-Led)
2018-03-01 09:00 to 2018-03-02 17:00
Palm Beach County Florida (Instructor-Led)

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