Technology Literacy for Educators

Code: 62-193

Exam 62-193 – Technology Literacy for Educators

Skills measured

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Demonstrate understanding of the Technology Literacy Goals described in the Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT) framework

  • Identify the policy goals supported by the CFT framework
  • Identify CFT framework and approaches
  • Identify the target student outcomes that result from implementing a CFT-supported learning experience

Demonstrate basic knowledge of how Information and Communication Tools (ICT) resources can support currriculum outcomes

  • Given a curriculum goal or standard, incorporate ICT resources
  • Given a scenario, evaluate and select an ICT instructional resource
  • Given a scenario, evaluate and select an ICT assessment resource
  • Select an appropriate computer-based tool to monitor and share student performance data

Use basic tools to support learning activities

  • Given a specific learning activity, identify the hardware requirements and devices necessary to support the activity
  • Use the Internet to support learning activities
  • Use a search engine and search strategies to support learning activities
  • Create and use a web-based email account
  • Given a scenario, select the most appropriate type of software application
  • Use software to manage and share student and classroom data
  • Use common communication and collaboration technologies to support learning activities

Organize and manage a standard classroom

  • Integrate learning activities into a computer laboratory environment
  • Manage the use of ICT resources with individuals, small, groups, and whole groups in varied environments
  • Manage logistics and social interactions around ICT resources

Use digital literacy tools to enhance professional performance

  • Use ICT resources to enhance teacher productivity
  • Use ICT resources to support teacher professional learning
  • Identify and manage Internet safety issues

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