AX 2012 Trade and Logistics-Boot Camp

Code: AX2012-Trade
Course duration: 5 days

AX 2012 Trade and Logistics-Boot Camp

This Microsoft AX Trading Bootcamp covers three courses , a total of7 days of training mapped into 5 day format which includes 50 hours of intense training lectures, hands on lab, Microsoft Official Courseware , test prep material for the exam and the lunch.

This bootcamp consists of the following courses:

The Course Outlines are as follows:

DAY 1:
80305 : Supply Chain Foundation in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Module 1: Overview

  • Supply Chain
  • Product Information Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Quality Management
Module 2: Product Information Management
  • Defining Products
  • Modeling Configurable Products
  • Inventory Dimension Groups
  • Authorizing Product Setup in a Legal Entity
  • Finalizing Product Setup in a Legal Entity
  • Default Order and Site Settings
  • Item Pricing
  • Unit of Measure
  • Defining Products as Not Stocked

Lab : Create and Release Product

MastersLab : Create and Apply a Product Template to Multiple Products

Module 3: Inventory Management Setup
  • Item Groups
  • Item Model Groups
  • Storage and Tracking Dimension Groups
  • Warehouse Management

Lab : Create an Inventory Model Group and Apply it to a Released Product

Module 4: Purchase Orders
  • Working with Purchase Orders
  • Set up Purchasing Parameters
  • Create a Purchase Order
  • Process a Purchase Order
  • Generate Purchase Order Documents
  • Change Management
  • Purchase Order Tasks
  • Purchase Order Inquiries and List Pages

Lab : Create Purchase Orders

Lab : Change management

Module 5: Serial and Batch Numbers
  • Dimension Group – Tracking Dimensions
  • Manual Allocation
  • Automatic Allocation
  • Tracing

Lab : Set Up an Item with Manual Allocation of Serial Numbers

Lab : Set Up an Automatically Allocated Serialized Item

Lab : Trace Items

Module 6: Sales Orders
  • Working with Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Types
  • Set Up Sales Parameters
  • Creating a Sales Order
  • Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Enhanced Delivery Date Control
  • Available Ship and Receipt Dates
  • Order Entry Deadlines
  • Direct Delivery
  • Generate a Sales Order Confirmation
  • Generate a Sales Order Picking List
  • Generate a Picking List Registration
  • Generate a Sales Order Packing Slip
  • Shipping Carrier Interface

Lab : Create a Sales Order

Lab : Setting up Transport Times

Lab : Direct Delivery

Day 2:

80305 : Supply Chain Foundation in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (continued)

Module 7: Quality Management
  • Set Up Quality Management Basics
  • Set Up Automatic Quality Order Generation
  • Create a Manual Quality Order
  • Work with a Non Conformance
  • Quality Reports and Certificates

Lab : Set Up Quality Management Basics

Lab : Set Up Automatic Quality Order Generation

Lab : Create a Manual Quality Order

Module 8: Inventory Journals
  • Inventory Journals Setup
  • Inventory Adjustment and Movement Journals
  • Transfer Journals
  • Bill of Material Journals
  • Counting Journals
  • Counting Journal Setup
  • Creating and Processing a Counting Journal
  • Tag Counting Journals
  • Inventory Blocking

Lab : Create a Movement Journal

Lab : Create an Inventory Adjustment Journal

Lab : Create a Transfer Journal

Lab : Create a Bill of Materials Journal

Lab : Create a Counting Journal

80306: Distribution and Trade In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Module 1: Overview

  • Distribution and Trade

Module 2: Over/Under Delivery and Charges

  • Over/Under Delivery
  • Charges
  • Price Charges
  • Charges Codes
  • Manual Charges
  • Automatic Charges

Lab : Use Over/Under Delivery with Purchase Orders

Lab : Use Under Delivery with SalesLab : Create a Charges Code

Lab : Manual Setup of Charges

Lab : Create a Customer Charges Group

Lab : Set Up Automatic Charges

Module 3: Customer and Vendor Agreements

  • Activate Trade Agreements
  • Set Up Trade Agreements
  • Trade Agreements Parameters
  • Supplementary Items
  • Purchase and Sales Agreements

Lab : Customer Trade Agreement Setup

Lab : Set Up Smart Rounding

Lab : Using Smart Rounding

Lab : Supplementary Items

Lab : Sales Agreements

Module 4: Item Arrival Registration

  • Item Registration Setup
  • Item Arrival

Lab : Manage an Item Arrival

Day 3:

80306: Distribution and Trade In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Module 5: Quarantine Management

  • Quarantine Warehouse Setup Parameters
  • Quarantine Item Management
  • Inventory Transactions on Quarantine Items

Lab : Create Quarantine Inventory

Lab : Purchase to Quarantine Inventory

Module 6: Vendor Returns

  • Create Vendor Returns
  • Create Vendor Returns for Serialized Items

Lab : Working with Vendor Returns

Lab : Complete a Vendor Return Using Returned Order Type

Module 7: Sales Quotations

  • Sales Quotation Setup
  • Working with Quotations
  • Additional Sales Quotation Features

Lab : Create a Quotation and Convert it to a Sales Order

Lab : Create a Quotation Template

Lab : Mass Create Quotations

Module 8: Item Reservations

  • Why Perform Reservations and What You Can Reserve?
  • Manual Reservations
  • Automatic Reservations
  • Automatic Reservations and Selection of Batch
  • Explosion Reservations
  • View Reservations
  • Lock Reservations
  • Cancel Reservations
  • Batch Reservation
  • Picking Reserved Items

Lab : Manual Reservation

Lab : Automatic Reservation

Module 9: Sales Order Picking

  • Enable Sales Order Picking and Setup
  • Release Sales Order Picking
  • Automatic Registration of a Pick
  • Manual Registration of a Pick
  • Item Pick Registration of a Serial and Batch Inventory
  • Edit, Reverse and Split a Pick

Lab : Item Pick Registration of Serialized Inventory

Lab : Edit, Reverse, and Split a Pick

Module 10: Customer Returns

  • Set up Customer Returns
  • Create a Return Order
  • Item Arrival and Receipt Registration
  • Quarantine Orders
  • Replacement Orders

Lab : Create a Return Order

Lab : Process a Return Order

Lab : Generate the Packing Slip and Invoice for a Return Order

Day4 :

80306: Distribution and Trade In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (continued)

Module 11: Commissions

  • Set Up a Commission
  • View Commission Transactions
  • Commission Transactions For Return Items

Lab : Commission Calculations

Lab : Commission Transactions

Module 12: Transfer Orders

  • Set Up of Transfer Orders
  • Using the Transfer order Form
  • Picking Items For a Transfer Order
  • Shipping and Receiving a Transfer Order

Lab : Create a Transfer Order

Lab : Pick, Ship and Receive a Transfer Order

Module 13: Reports

  • ABC Inventory Classification
  • Inventory Reports
  • Forecasting Reports

Lab : Run an ABC Classification Report

Lab : Reports

80339 : Bill Of Materials In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Module 1: Bill of Materials Overview

  • General Concepts
  • Using BOMs and Routes in Multisite Production Environments
  • BOM Features and Elements
  • Bills of Materials Form Overview
  • Bill of Material Creation Process

Module 2: Creating Simple BOMs

  • Using the Bills of Materials Form to Create Simple BOMs
  • Working with BOMs in the BOM Designer

Lab : 2.1 Create a BOM without a Version

Lab : 2.2 Create a BOM in the BOM Designer

Module 3: Creating BOMs with Versions

  • BOM Versions Overview
  • Creating BOMs by Using the Released Products List Page
  • Activate Multiple BOM Versions
  • Copy BOM Versions
  • Change BOM Versions
  • Create BOMs with Versions in the Bills of Materials Form
  • Create BOMs with Versions in the BOM Designer Form
  • Quantity Dependent BOMs
  • Working with Validity Dates and Sub-BOMs on Component Lines

Lab : 3.1 Creating a BOM with a Version from the Released Products List Page

Lab : 3.2 Creating a BOM with a Version in the BOM Designer

Day5 :

80339 : Bill Of Materials In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (continued)

Module 4: Working with BOM and Item Configurations

  • Purpose of BOM and Item Configurations
  • BOM Configurations
  • Item Configurations

Lab : 4.1 Create and Use Configuration Groups

Lab : 4.2 Create Configuration Routes

Lab : 4.3 Create Configuration Rules

Lab : 4.4 Add Item Configurations

Module 5: Working with BOM Calculations

  • BOM Calculation
  • Cost Groups, Profit Settings, and Calculation Groups
  • Cost and Sales Price Calculations

Lab : 5.1 Create a Cost Group with Profit Settings

Lab : 5.2 Create a Calculation Group

Lab : 5.3 Running BOM Calculations and Comparing Results

Module 6: Sales Orders and BOMs

  • Configurable BOMs and Sales Orders
  • View BOMs in a Sales Order

Lab : 6.1 Use Configurable BOMs in a Sales Order

Lab : 6.2 BOM Calculations from a Sales Order

Module 7: Scrap and Measurement

  • BOM Scrap
  • BOM Measurement

Lab : 7.1 Add BOM Scrap and Run Calculations

Lab : 7.2 Set Up and Calculate BOM Measurement

Module 8: Report a BOM as Finished

  • Reporting a BOM as Finished

Lab : 8.1 Report a BOM as Finished

Module 9: Reports and Other BOM Functionality

  • Standard BOM Reports
  • Other BOM Functionality

Lab : 9.1 Change a BOM

Lab : 9.2 Run a Manual BOM Check

Lab : 9.3 Set Up and Run an Automatic BOM Check

Guaranteed to Run

2018-03-20 09:00 to 2018-03-23 17:00
Palm Beach County Florida (Instructor-Led)
2018-03-19 09:00 to 2018-03-23 17:00
Secaucus, New Jersey (Virtual Instructor-Led)
2018-03-01 09:00 to 2018-03-02 17:00
Palm Beach County Florida (Instructor-Led)

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