Acrobat X Section 508 Accessibility 2 Days

Code: 751256-4
Category: Adobe Training
Course duration: 2 days

751256-4 Acrobat X Section 508 Accessibility 2 Days

Section 508 Accessibility Training Course Synopsis

This class provides you with the concepts and skills to properly prepare Adobe PDF documents and fillable PDF forms for access by users with disabilities such as blindness, low vision, and mobility impairment. In this course, you will create, modify, and test PDF documents for accessibility purposes. We also recommend this course for those planning to obtain the Adobe Certified Expert status.

What You Will Learn in This Section 508 Accessibility Training Course

  • Tagging PDF Documents
  • PDF Forms and Accessibility
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • Using LiveCycle Designer
  • PDF and Word Processing Applications
  • Tools for Checking Accessibility
  • Combining Multiple Documents
  • Tab Order, Bookmarks, and Language Options

Lesson 1 - Accessibility and Adobe PDF

  • What is Accessibility
  • Accessibility and PDF
  • What makes PDF accessible

Lesson 2 - Understanding Tagging and Document Structure

  • Tagging and PDF
  • What tagging looks like in PDF
  • When to tag PDF documents
  • Why touchup is often needed

Lesson 3 - The Accessibility Workflow

  • Six steps to Accessibility in PDF
  • Forms and form fields
  • Tagging the document
  • Repairing common problems
  • Editing the tag tree

Lesson 4 - PDF and Word Processing Applications

  • Using Acrobat PDF Maker
  • Creating tagged documents from MS Office
  • Creating tagged PDF documents from Adobe InDesign
  • Adding Accessible text to graphics
  • Using threads and structure in PDF
  • Creating tagged documents from web pages

Lesson 5 - Working with Multiple Documents

  • Why combine multiple documents?
  • Inserting, replacing, and deleting pages in Acrobat
  • Combining files from multiple applications

Lesson 6 - Making PDF Forms Accessible

  • Workflows for creating forms
  • Tips for working with forms
  • Using LifeCycle Designer to create forms
  • LifeCycle and Accessibility

Lesson 7 - More About Tags and PDF

  • Creating URL links in the document
  • Adding tags to an untagged document
  • Reading the add tags report
  • Finishing for accessibility

Lesson 8 - Evaluating PDF Documents for Accessibility Problems

  • Tools for checking accessibility
  • Using full check for accessibility
  • Using refl ow to check reading order
  • Other ways of checking the reading order

Lesson 9 - Repairing Reading Order and Basic Tagging Problems

  • Touch up reading order tool
  • Reading order and the order tab
  • Reading order tool options
  • The touchup workflow
  • Techniques to fix reading order problems
  • Fixing common problems

Lesson 10 - More Accessibility Features

  • Setting the tab order
  • Adding bookmarks
  • Adding accessible links
  • Setting the document language
  • Setting security settings and screen readers
  • Adding a watermark to PDF

Guaranteed to Run

2018-03-20 09:00 to 2018-03-23 17:00
Palm Beach County Florida (Instructor-Led)
2018-03-19 09:00 to 2018-03-23 17:00
Secaucus, New Jersey (Virtual Instructor-Led)
2018-03-01 09:00 to 2018-03-02 17:00
Palm Beach County Florida (Instructor-Led)

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